The Beatles



Why I like this song is because it makes me feel people are giving to the poor, homeless so that’s why I chose this song and I hope you have a blessed life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By:Mike Portillo

This Is Amazing Grace

This is a song that shows how great and almighty that God is. This song makes me feel that god is here with me and that he is with everyone. I recommend this song to everyone so that everyone can hear God’s glory.

By- Justin Pazuna

just keep swimming

I choose this song because it inspires people to not stop when something negative happens in your life but just keep on and make it the best of it and also because it relates to my life in so many ways.

By: kelly

Mix5 Original

I choose this song because it inspires me and its message is to be original and not to be someone you aren’t.

by: Wendy and Evelyn

Resucito – Luisto & Llandres

English translation of Resucito is Resurrection; is a Catholic adaptation to our number one Billboard song “Despacito” that everyone has on their playlist today. Why not make more meaningful and have the lyrics teach our kids more about God.

-Evelyn Munoz